"At first I was leery that we would be able to find a suitable tutor for our 2nd grader.  Gabby was more than accommodating to find and team us up with Devon.  Devon is a true blessing to us.  She has the patience to work through our daughter’s hyperactivity, which causes her to get frustrated when she can’t make the connection between what her assignments are asking and the answers.  Devon is able to help her by breaking down the problem or situation so that my daughter can focus on smaller bits which are easier for her to comprehend and process.  Miss Gabby’s Private Tutoring was able to help her bring her “C” & “D” grades for the first 9 weeks, up to “B” and “A” grades in the 2nd 9 weeks grading period.  We are now looking to her for a tutor for our 9th grade daughter because of the positive results we have seen in our 2nd grader.  Thank you Gabby & Devon!   Your efforts make a huge impact on my daughter’s education."
-Gwena M., The Woodlands, TX

 I am extremely happy with my tutor. He is the best! My son is doing so much better with his math and reading. Thank you!

- Shermane C., Houston, TX

"My son has always struggled with reading and writing. Ever since Chante started tutoring him, his grades have improved, and more importantly, he is now confident when he reads and writes. "Chante makes reading fun!" That's what my son says and he looks forward to their tutoring session every week. Thanks Chante for all your hard work!"
-Leonel E., Katy, TX

"My son is a college student and has always struggled with writing essays. Gabby has helped him immensely. She has taught him so much in such a short time. Absolutely love Gabby and her company. They have truly been a blessing to my son. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone I know."
-Aurora S., Spring, TX

"I am very thankful for Miss Gabby's Tutoring. My oldest son, Cameron, has greatly improved in his writing and reading skills over the past year. Cameron listens and displays greater patience as well. This tutorial service focuses not only on the child, but offers family centered values as well." 

- Cora P., Pearland, TX