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10 Quick SAT and ACT Test Tips


1.) Pay attention to SAT and ACT registration deadlines. Registering late may result in extra fees. Past a certain date, students can no longer register.

2.) Begin to prepare using Official College Board and Official ACT released tests at least 3 months before.

3.) Understand that each test has its own testing strategy; it’s wise to know what they are.

4.) Make sure you arrive early on test day. Don’t eat anything heavy or out of the ordinary for breakfast.

5.) Do not cram and burn yourself out the night before.

6.) Understand the directions for each test. Leave room for little surprises on test day.

7.) Relax- the tests can be re-taken. However, remember this as a way to reduce anxiety. You should still definitely try your 110% best!

8.) Practice vocabulary and math via smartphone apps; delete Instagram and Facebook for a while and flip through formulas and new words on your downtime instead!

9.) Try your best to get a decent night’s sleep the day before.

10.) Engage a study buddy or tutor to keep you accountable for test prep!

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Posted 45 weeks ago